Keyboardist Antti Ikonen joins Avalon line up and the Recordings of the new Avalon album start

The original keyboard player of Stratovarius Antti Ikonen has joined the line up of Avalon. He played all keyboards on the classic Stratovarius albums such as “Fright Night”, “Twilight Time”, “Dreamspace” and “Fourth Dimension”.

You can watch his video greeting from here.

The recordings of the new Avalon album will start on the 25th of November on East Sounds Studios in Helsinki Finland with drum recordings and Timo, Tuomo and Antti reuniting in studio together for the first since 1995. The new album will feature 11 tracks with a released slated during 2014 on Frontiers Records.

The guys are in great spirits and Timo Tolkki states:
“It is incredibly refreshing to create and play new music with his old friends and that the spirit and the atmosphere has been absolutely great and positive!”