Launch of AVALON II

Welcome to the website of AVALON II. It is created for promotion of the sequel for the successful first part of the New Metal Opera: “The Land Of New Hope”. We will carefully document the entire process of making of the album from start to finish and you can enjoy them by watching the carefully crafted video blogs. We will reveal the cast one by one in the upcoming months and frequently update the making of video blogs.

Please help us building a community around AVALON through likings in our Social Media circles and spreading the word. We do this out of love towards music and the very heart of it is Timo Tolkki’s 25 year career. We hope you like what we have done with this page and our Social Media. We would like to invite you to participate in making this album with us and helping us creating that. We value your support tremendously. Above all, enjoy the experience like we are doing. This is going to be a hell of a journey and we have surprises for you that you cannot even imagine at this point. Send us email if you have questions, become a fan at Reverbnation, Twitter and Facebook and show your support to us if you like what we are doing. Nothing would make us more happy than that.

We start the video blogs with a small documentary about the man behind this all: Timo Tolkki. We wanted to show people the true side of this man that is sometimes portraited as a very strange and unpredictable character. Is he? Please take a look and decide yourself. It is serving as a prologue for AVALON II, which is a working title. The album title will be revealed later.

Your Avalon Team